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Planning & Construction

Extensive experience and a wide variety of successfully finished projects making Arcod Group a leader in the field of construction and the best choice for you to become our partner. 

Trust is the major priority in the relationship with our clients. When you are working with Arcod, you know that you can rely on us in every question, and your precious time will be treated with respect.


Outstanding customer service

We are here to go with you hand in hand through all steps of the development and construction process. We are always maintaining strong communication with our partners and customers to reach peak performance in our projects.


Arcod Real Estate - Founded in 2002. We have completed about 10 deals in Ramat Aviv and Ramat HaSharon in an evaluation of about

$150 MM.

Arcod's current portfolio is about 6 deals, mostly in urban redevelopment in Tel Aviv, with estimated sales of about $120 MM. Arcod initiates projects and brings them to completion, including full execution and sales. We are maintaining the profitability of more than 20%


Years of experience


Business partners


Projects in progress


Finished projects

Our development projects

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